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About Tina

Tina is considered by many to be one of the UK’s leading psychic consultants and has a remarkable knowledge and understanding of the many spheres which we simultaneously occupy

Tina has been subjected to more than her fair share of life’s rich tapestry; being psychic from birth she has vivid recollections of good, bad and downright nasty spirits making themselves seen and heard and has experienced inter-dimensional astral travel to unimaginable realms

During 1983-84, she was a member of the British Astrological & Psychics Society (BAPS), founded by the Astrologer Russell Grant. During her time with BAPS, she worked at numerous psychic festivals including The Mind, Body & Spirit Festivals and was featured on a regional news programme for Leeds Television.

In 1985, she left BAPS to start her own highly successful business as a psychic consultant to national and international clients from all walks of life that included celebrities, politicians, foreign diplomats and eastern royalty

In 2005 she joined the TV show Psychics Interactive on Sky Television channel 886

After many years as a top celebrity psychic on Sky TV, Tina who was known by millions of viewers for her incredible insight, compassion and depth of understanding quit TV to write a remarkable autobiography, The Unseen Enemy.

The Unseen Enemy will change the way that you view the psychic world

Enfield Haunting - The Conjuring 2

There are a remarkable number of correlations between Tina and her husband Paul and the Warrens as depicted in the Conjuring 2, The Enfield Case

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