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Enfield Haunting

Enfield’s own paranormal investigation team

There are a remarkable number of correlations between Tina and her husband Paul, a former oil industry diver who now runs a successful diving and pipe inspection company and the Warrens as depicted in the Conjuring 2, The Enfield Case

The Warrens, a husband and wife paranormal investigation team from New England have been at the centre of some of the highest profile haunting and poltergeist activity occurrences ever reported

Although the Warrens had little involvement in the Enfield haunting, much of the poltergeist activity depicted in the film is based around the actual events, which at the time was considered to be the most prolific poltergeist activity recorded in the UK

Tina and Paul who first met at a psychic exhibition have been actively involved in paranormal investigations and have witnessed everything from furniture moving to a full blown possession

They have dealt with cases as simple as rectifying a disruptive vibration that was causing a restaurant to lose customers, assisting earthbound spirits to move to their correct dimension, helping the recipients of psychic attack and as complex and dangerous as exorcising a person undergoing demonic possession, where one of the participants was lucky to escape with his life

Tina comments; it was never our intention to carry out work of this nature, but it just seemed to keep coming our way; it must have been intended. Personally I do not like carrying out exorcisms; in many cases they can be very dangerous and on occasion we have been troubled by the entity for weeks after they have been cleared from the victim. Having been subjected to events of this nature for most of my life, I have compassion and a clear understanding of what these people are going through

Paul comments; the description demons, reeks of superstitious beliefs stemming from the middle ages, but sadly they are alive, kicking and not confined to Enfield; I have heard knowledgeable people suggest that their influence over mankind is increasing and may be the hidden influence behind many of the Global conflicts Apparently the Catholic Church has an exorcist in every diocese; I’m sure that’s no coincidence!

Everything including mankind is simply energy vibrating at differing frequencies. Based on the principles of yin and yang there must be an equally destructive force to balance the creative and God like force; this destructive force when manifesting on the earth plane has collectively been given the title demons and exorcism is the title given to the methods used for removing them from this plane

Unlike the Warrens who used predominantly religion based techniques to banish such entities, Tina and Paul use occult ritual techniques based on invoking high vibrational entities to achieve the necessary outcome
Tina has just completed a remarkable autobiography that showcases a lifetime of exposure to realms that mankind is not supposed to have access to

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